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I read Minho, and I was like, I love this character. I have to play him. I just wanted to make sure that I brought in whatever the book had on this character and try to please the fans of the book that way because actually, the first time I met Wes Ball, the director, even before I started my audition, he was like, ‘Hey, Minho is the fans’ favorite character so no pressure.’
Ki Hong Lee talking about reading The Maze Runner before he went in for his audition (via wickedisgood)

Despite the poor light, Thomas realized who it was immediately. He screamed - yelled at him to stop - but it was too late.

Minho, running full speed, disappeared into the Maze.


'Minho followed it out there!' Thomas yelled when Newt caught up to him, a small towel pressed against the wound on his head. A patchy spot of blood had already seeped through the white material.

'I saw,' Newt said, pulling the towel away to look at it; he grimaced and put it back. 'Shuck it, that hurts like a mother. Minho must've finally fried his last bit of brain cells - not to mention Gally. Always knew he was crazy.'

Thomas could only worry about Minho. ‘I’m going after him.’

The Maze Runner, Pages 259-260 (via bilesandthesourwolf)

The Maze Runner Official Conversation

  • Minho:

    Hey! Hey, Thomas. Hey, hey! What is this with you, huh? Death wish? You just got out and now you want back in?

  • Thomas:

    Newt said that no one's ever seen a Griever and lived to tell about it, right? Minho, now we have one! You're telling me you're not even a little bit curious?

  • Minho:

    Not really, no. So what's the plan? You're gonna go out and dissect that thing all by yourself?

  • Thomas:

    I will if I have to. Have the other Runners left yet?

  • Minho:

    The other Runners quit this morning. After Alby got Stung, they're not in any hurry to get back out there. Why are you?

  • Thomas:

    I think it's time we find out what we're really up against.

  • Minho:

    Alright. But you're not going back out there alone. Meet me in the woods in half an hour.

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