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I have to say, I’m feeling really discouraged this morning. After thinking about it almost all night (yes, I lost sleep over this), I don’t even know if I want to make graphics and manips anymore. I put so much work and effort into the things I do, and I really enjoy it. But I hate seeing my stuff…

I am a follower of your work, which I consider beautiful. 

I feel sorry for you with all my heart. 

As a fan of your work, I would not lose your head, I am grateful for your patience. 

Be strong. And I find the mood and joy of making your beautiful images.

TMR Fandom Rules.


Hello there Greenie! Welcome to The Maze Runners Fandom. We have some rules, Respect the rules or we will banish you from the Glade and I’m pretty sure that the Grievers will have fun with you.

  • Do not Repost. theres is a bloody reblog option. Reblog it!
  • Do not Send Anon Hate
  • Do not Hate Teresa…

we should add personal rules, but that would make the fandom explode!

solo para dejar clara mi posicion, Thomino Rules

purplehoodiesandleatherjackets :

Esto es para bilesandthesourwolf , que quería Tominho para Last Night on Earth por Delta Goodrem.

(Renunciar: sólo he visto la película, no han leído los libros, por lo que este se fija en el helicóptero en el final de la película.)

"No sé lo que viene después," Minho admite, mirando a Thomas. Teresa …

a little pastry for me, but I love it


Somehow Minho had gotten the upper hand on Thomas, and held him down, pinned against the ground.

"Thomas, buddy, you gotta learn to control that temper of yours. Some day it’ll get you in some real trouble."

Thomas tried his hardest to throw Minho from him, but Minho was stronger, bigger and…

Love, great job


Anonymous asked:

Okay, so I'm a Sterek shipper thinking of going to see TMR and shipping Thominho. But then I see there's a Teresa/Thomas/Brenda love triangle coming??? :(


There is a slight love triangle in the books. I’m hoping Wes Ball does the right thing by not playing it up more than it was in the books! He toned the “romance” from the first book way down. So I hope he does the same with The Scorch Trials.

That being said, go see the movie and bask in the glory that is Thominho! There is no denying their chemistry! They are absolutely amazing! And they’re even better in the books! There’s more chemistry between Thomas and Minho then there is between Thomas/Brenda and Teresa combined!

jajajaja! we knows, Thomas relationship is deep about his friends men more than girl… sorry, Thominos Feels

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